Our auto maintenance and repair skills are our featured service. For any automotive repair, ask for Roger or Samantha. All of our services are accomplished in-house. We can pull your motor from you car, rebuild it, and re-install it.

Custom Built Engines

Ask for Jeff or Bryan about custom building an engine to your exact specifications. Specify the horsepower and performance level you wish to achieve, and leave the rest to us. Our machine shop is capable of all valve jobs, block boring and honing with torque plates, installation of 2 stroke sleeves, cylinder head porting, and heads CC'd. We also have a Superflow bench where heads are flow tested.

Man Replacing Wheel

Automotive Service & Repair

  • Air Conditioning & Climate Control
  • Brakes, CV Axles, Clutches
  • Front Suspension Work
  • Engine Overhauls

Fixing Auto Parts

High-Performance Parts

  • All Internal Performance Engine Parts
  • Carburetors
  • Clutches
  • Ask for Jeff or Bryan

Contact our auto repair shop in Jacksonville, Florida, for auto maintenance with high-performance auto parts.